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North Wilkesboro, North Carolina
Shipping Apple Brandy Beef:
All Apple Brandy beef boxes are shipped frozen in reusable insulated shipping containers along with reusable refrigerants. This combination ensures our beef arrives to you in perfect condition.

Apple Brandy Beef products are shipped via UPS Monday through Wednesday of each week. Unless a specific delivery date is requested by a customer, we will select a method that ensures timely delivery.

It is our ultimate goal for all Apple Brandy Beef to arrive at its destination completely frozen. In the unlikely event that a product arrives partially thawed, rest assured the quality has not been compromised. As long as the product feels cool to the touch, you can refrigerate or refreeze until you are ready to eat. If the product arrives warm to the touch, please contact us immediately.

Below are costs for shipping to most of North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina for our most popular orders. Shipping to the rest of the U.S. is only a few additional dollars per package. We do ask that you allow us to quote you charges specific to each destination outside of these three states.
Please Contact us for exact shipping charges outside of NC, SC, and Va.

Frozen beef should be stored at 0 degrees F or below, preferably in a manually defrosted freezer. If freezer cannot keep ice cream brick solid, the temperature is above recommended level.

Apple Brandy Beef should be defrosted in its original vacuum sealed package inside a refrigerator. While there are other less desirable methods of defrosting beef when time necessitates, never allow any beef product to thaw at room temperature.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your Apple Brandy Beef please contact us immediately and we will work diligently to rectify the situation.
Ultimate Beef Gift Box
Breakfast Box ~ 12 lbs
Moonshiner Box ~16 lbs
Burger Box ~ 15 lbs
Butcher's Box
White Lightning Box ~ 34 lbs
Ground Beef Box ~ 40 lbs
Pork Box ~ 18 lbs
Roast Box ~ 10 lbs
$Specific to each destination
$Specific to each destination
$Specific to each destination
$Specific to each destination
$Specific to each destination
$Specific to each destination
$Specific to each destination
$Specific to each destination
$Specific to each destination
* Apple Brandy Beef reserves the right to apply additional shipping charges when unique situations arise.
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