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Enjoy the convenience of having a freezer full of the best roasts, steaks, and ground beef you have ever tasted!
What is a side of beef?
A side of beef is literally one half or one side of a harvested beef carcass divided into two halves as a preparation for the aging process. At this time the beef is weighed and this is when the "hanging weight" is measures. Below is a side of beef illutrating the eight primal cuts.
How many pounds of beef is in a whole, a side (half) or a quarter ?
The hanging weight of a whole Apple Brandy Beef will average 650 pounds (but may be as large as 700 lbs.), a side 325 pounds, and a quarter 165 pounds. The total weight of meat that you receive at delivery is slightly less than the hanging weight as some weight is lost during the aging process.
What cuts of meat will I get with my whole, half, or quarter beef?
How much freezer space will I need for my beef?
A whole beef requires approximately 15 cubic feet of freezer space and proportionately a quarter of a beef would require less tha 4 cubic feet of freezer space. A whole beef would easily fit into a home chest or upright freezer.
Can my beef be delivered fresh and uncut for special cooking situations?
Yes, by contactiong us you can prearrange any necassary special accomadations for your beef order.
How long will my beef keep while frozen?
At Apple Brandy Beef we utilize vacuum packaging which allows the beef to keep a year or longer with out compromising taste and quality.
Why are advanced ordering and a deposit required, when ordering a side of beef?
A deposit ensures that your beef is reserved and custom cut for your family. We stock only enough inventory to fill our weekly orders of gourmet boxes and when you make a deposit, you are reserving a portion or the entire next beef to be harvested.
What is the 14 day dry aging process?
Dry aging occurs when the sides of beef hang in a refrigerated cooler at optimal temperatures and humidity levels for a 14 day interval between harvest and the time of cutting. During dry aging moisture evaporates form the beef concentrating flavor and taste. Natural enzymes break down the fibrous, connective tissue in the muscle, tenderizing the beef.
Is all beef dry aged?
No. In commercial processing, sides of beef are cut and packaged within 24 hours of harvest. The packaged beef then immediately begins its journey to retail markets.
Each beef by the side order is unique. Please contact us with your questions and the specifics about your side of beef.
Depending on how you chose, your portion of beef may consist of New York strip, sirloin, rib eye, tenderloin steaks, shoulder steaks, chuck eye steaks, and tenderized steaks along with beef stew, beef roasts, and ground beef (*patties for additional charge). A good rule of thumb is that a whole beef will consist of 1/3 steak cuts, 1/3 ground beef or hamburger, and 1/3 roasts.